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Hello, I'm Natalie Coats, the proud owner of Coats Creative Company. As a Starkville, Mississippi native, I have deep roots in our local community, and I'm passionate about helping businesses thrive right here in our hometown.

Throughout my professional journey, I've had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse range of businesses and individuals. My career has taken me through various sectors, including non-profit organizations, small and large corporations, and higher education institutions. This diverse experience has exposed me to individuals from all walks of life, spanning different ages, ethnicities, life experiences, and professional backgrounds.

My expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of marketing and communications skills. From website management and data analysis to graphic design and digital advertising, I bring a versatile skill set to every project. With over four years of hands-on experience overseeing the undergraduate and graduate school admissions website at Mississippi State University, I possess an in-depth understanding of managing large-scale websites, optimizing SEO strategies, and fostering collaborative partnerships with external vendors to enhance our company's marketing presence.

I am committed to helping businesses like yours succeed by leveraging my skills and experiences to create innovative and effective marketing solutions. Let's work together to take your brand to new heights!

Natalie Parrott Coats

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